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Denis F. Blake wrote:
Also, it is WrightTRAKs policy NOT to announce products until they are ready to go, unless forced by circumstances outside our control . . . Please do not hound us with when is this going to be ready, when is that going to be ready. When they are ready we will let you folks know and then we can accept orders for these cars. Until that
time, please let us do what we do, thank you.
We have the exact same problem with books, and now put "TBA" on EVERYTHING, no matter how certain we are of our progress, until it is at the printer. As you so rightly state, "hound" is the operative word. You just cannot give out any preliminary information to this community, or you hear nothing back but "you promised . . ." etc. It is impossible to be sufficiently vague about an introduction date to preclude all of this. We gave up and as I say, now use "TBA."

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