Re: ERIE PS-1's (was Erie class 20-B)

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 23, 2009, at 1:08 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

From Ed Hawkins' spreadsheet I only have:

ERIE series 84000-84009 blt 1954 PS 8' 6p SUP lot 8160x
ERIE series 86500-86989 blt 1954 PS 7' IY

Yet I have scans of ERIE 84309, 84464, 84467 which are
all obviously PS-1 box cars. Anyone have the builder data
and series for these?
I believe the cars mentioned were renumbered from the original series
86500-86989. In 1/59 there were 430 cars in the series, which leaves 60
cars (or slightly less if some had been lost through attrition) that
were renumbered. In the 1/59 ORER there are several small groups of
cars including 84440-84473, which contains two of the three cars you
mention. A later ORER has a note stating the cars were equipped with
doorway bars and crossbars. The 84309 renumbering must have been
sometime after 1/59.
Ed Hawkins

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