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Bob --

Yes, the B&0 unit is a foobie. However, notice that it and many of the other cars shown have a orange "I Series" logo. MTH is using this to show that the prototype railroad did NOT have that car--I is for "Imagination and Fun." At least those of us who are serious can identify the troobies from the foobies!

Steve Kay

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This is on MTH website. Go to:

and go to page 24.

Steve Kay

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I just noted this on the July 23 release bulletin at the Model
Railroader website:

United States Railroad Administration 55-ton steel twin hopper.
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago
and St. Louis ("Big Four," New York Central herald); Chesapeake &
Ohio; Clinchfield; New York
Central; and Pennsylvania. Also offered in non-prototypical paint
schemes: Baltimore & Ohio;
Central RR of Pennsylvania; Chicago & North Western; Denver & Rio
Grande Western; Erie RR;
Lehigh & New England; Milwaukee Road; Norfolk & Western; Pittsburgh
& West Virginia; Union
Pacific; and Western Maryland. Metal wheelsets and magnetic knuckle
couplers. Individual cars,
$29.95; six-pack, $169.95 (two differently numbered packs
available). Ready-to-run. M.T.H.
Electric Trains

The MR link is:

Nothing noted on the M.T.H. Electric Trains website.

I see an interesting special line in this text, which must be from
the press release, "Also
offered in non-prototypical paint schemes:". Odd that they include
the B&O on that list, unless
the B&O paint and lettering used on the M.T.H. models does not
follow what the B&O used on
their USRA hoppers.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Starting over in a new house:
From photo in the M.T.H. catalog the hopper is lettered for the B&O
class N-12B series 220500 to 220999, 500 cars built in 1913 by American
Car & Foundry the third group of class N-12 hoppers ordered by the B&O.
The car illustrated in the catalog carries the same number as the AC&F
builder's photo in the Barriger Collection.

Why they choose to lettered it for a non-prototype may remain one of
those manufacturers' mysteries. It potentially will have limited appeal
as it the wrong car body and has the as-built lettering for 1913. Maybe
they choose it because they discovered the AC&F builder's photo at the
Barriger Library. I will admit that some in the B&O community believe
the two car bodies are essentially the same so maybe this is a self
inflicted bogus model.

Bob Witt
Indianapolis, Indiana

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