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Jeff Coleman

The MSRP C-III states that 104 tanks were insulated carbon steel low pressure tanks with 2% minimum expansion dome.
103's could be insulated or non-insulated with 1% or 2% expansion domes with or without bottom outlets depending on the construction material.
Jeff Coleman

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No one has ever explained to me why a 104 couldn't just as well
be called an insulated 103. They made 103's with big domes and
safety valves, didn't they? Now someone is asking about a 104
built for 300psi? Doesn't that make it a 105??

Sunshine had a Warren 104 kit -- a car built to carry "natural"

Tim O'Connor

At 7/24/2009 01:59 PM Friday, you wrote:

No, that is not exactly correct. The 104 is more like an insulated 103 made
for specific commodities like ethyl ether, casinghead gas and refine veg
oils, and has a 2% dome with safety valves on its (usually very large)
insulated dome, while the 105 had insulation, but had a top unloading valve
casing with no bottom outlets, for pressurized commodities, if I remember
right. AHM used to make a late (1955+?) model of an ICC 105A300, that I have
a couple of, but I have never seen a model of a 104.

Elden Gatwood

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