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I like accurail! I like USA made stuff. MTH prices are crazy.

Mark Morgan

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The catalog says "decorative brake wheels" (!) Since the original
cars did not have power hand brakes, it seems MTH is going to have
some anachronism issues. There are no visible door locks or
Enterprise mechanisms visible but all 17 photos show only the
right side/A-end of the car. (The Enterprise mechanism was on
one side only.) There are no interior detail photos.
Tim O'Connor
Also of interest is that the high angle photo of one corner of a car shows wire grabs, while the full-model photos show cast-on grabs. One can be charitable and conclude that they still have some decisions to make. I DO like the foobie warning, though.
Edward Sutorik

I'm thrilled. This is the second time this has happened... First Ertl used one of my resin boxcars, displaying it as a "pre-production" model of their new kit (which turned out to be a different car, considerably more grossly detail) and now MTH thinks enough of the Accurail USRA hopper to feature pages of them. I wonder why they didn't feature the side with the Enterprise locks? Maybe they have no need for those tiny extra parts?

As it is, I don't understand why someone would want to pay $30 per car when for a few bucks more they could buy a three pack of Accurail kits, unless it's the keep those Chinese rice bowls filled.

Now that I look at the other freightcars in the catalog, I wonder whose kits they are? An Intermountain 60' TTX machinery flat, and a Red Caboose reefer, maybe?

Wonder what the REAL MTH offerings will look like?

Dennis Storzek

Accurail, Inc.

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