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I doubt showing an existing model in an ad counts as "stealing intellectual property". Copying it and producing it as their own, yes. Showing it with a label indicating that what you'll buy won't look the same, no.

It's interesting that Ertl was mentioned. In the 90's they produced injection molded kits of some large and exotic USAF bombers that had only appeared as vacuum formed kits about 15 years earlier. If you know about vac kits they generally have soft/non-existant details, while the injection kits were quite nice. Apparently they bought some of the vac kits and built them up to take around to trade shows (as "Coming Soon!!") and even photographed them for the new kit's boxes when the test shots were delayed. On two separate occasions I picked up the Ertl kit at the hobby shop, but after looking at the rather mushy airplane shown in the box photos, decided it wasn't a great kit and put it down without buying it. Talking to others over the years I've run into a number of folks who did the same thing, and were amazed to see the fine kit inside when it was finally purchased. Clearly an advantage in making your first impression your best.


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From: Tim O'Connor

It's pretty ironic too when you consider that MTH collected
millions and millions from Lionel (and brought down the mighty
Samhongsa) for stealing MTH's intellectual property...

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