Re: Freight cars owned are not employed in Interstate Commerce

Ross McLeod <cdnrailmarine@...>

Dennis - I am sure you are right, likely uniquely Canadian and maybe only one sided.
By that I mean the other carriers (cnx's) may or may not have gone along with the BCE in their acceptance of old BCE cars in freight interswitching movements.
The BC Electric in 1926 showed in their ORER listing, 3 CNR interchanges, 3 CPR, 1 Milw, 3 GN and 1 NP interchange all in BC.
While the BCE was also operating CPR's VLI branch under lease, this part of their operation was never known as the BCE, it retained its VLI identity.
I doubt we will ever determine if in fact the cnx's accepted this business, interesting as a operations possibity for someone basement railway.
Ross McLeod Calgary

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