Re: Hatch for Red Caboose Meat Reefer

Andy Carlson

Actually, Intermountain doesn't have Red Caboose, they just are the exclusive provider of RC's RTR line of product, RC remains as a business, and they are still selling to their dealers and direct customers their line of RC KITS and Parts. Intermountain has no parts for Red Caboose items, and can't even supply parts for broken/missing components of the RTR cars. If red Caboose is out of parts, then you will have to be patient or lucky with us STMFC'ers.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

You might want to try intermountain, they have the red caboose now.

Mark Morgan

I finished an HO Red Caboose meat reefer not too long ago and one of the ice hatches seems to have "departed the vehicle". Would anyone have a spare hatch that you could make available? The manufacturer is out of parts. Thank you for your time!

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