Re: Wine locks and hand brakes

Jeff Coleman

Pennsylvana Rail Car makes replacement parts for Wine door locks, photos of the parts on their site;
Jeff Coleman

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Firstly, THANKS! Both for posting these photos, and also for giving me another car that I want to build in HO. ;) Start with the Tichy kit and an Accurail "fishbelly" underframe, perhaps??

This particular handbrake I recall operating on tank, auto parts, and even carbon black cars. So it still is in some use today. Pulling towards you on the lever seems to pull out a locking pin from the brake mechanism to release the handbrake. Perhaps the manufacturer is still around, and can supply drawings?

As an aside, the guy in photo 7 is applying the handbrake in such a fashion that would incur discipline on the road that I work for. You're supposed to have at least one foot on the brake platform when operating a hand brake. :)

Steve Lucas.

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The other week I promised to try to post some close-up pix of a Wine hopper lock. Well, there were no hoppers present at Train Festival 2009 at Owosso, but I did run into a steel rebuild of a Wabash double sheathed car, and decided some close-ups of the handbrake were in order. The Steam Railroading Institute was even nice enough to move the car to my side of the turntable for easy access (with 0-4-0 Flag Coal Co. 75, no less!) I've added the photos to the album that has additional views of this same car:

The brake wheel appears to be a replacement for the original oversize wheels these cars originally had; it's a cast Miner wheel from the fifties or sixties, of the type common on passenger cars and some diesels. While not original, at least this wheel is available, from either Precision Scale or Detail Associates, I forget which. The unique shape of the handbrake housing is gonig to be a bit harder to model. Anyone know of a source for a drawing of it?


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