HO "PFE" R-30-18 Kits

Andy Carlson

Fellow listers,
I am in possession of 5 HO "Pacific freight Equipment" co. (I bet a lot of you haven't heard of this company, owned by Terry Wegmann) PFE R-30-18 Reefer kits which are too old to still be around in 1967, so I am offering these hard to acquire kits to the STMFC members. These are the most current "run", with the pre-bent special roof grabs. To those unfamiliar with these, they are molded as injection molded "flat kits" which are engineered quite well, making for a nice, pleasant assembly.

To anyone interested, I can ship one to you for $15.00, postpaid. Contact me off-list, if interested.

Andy Carlson
Ojai, CA

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