Re: DT&I 41'6" IL drop end gondola in 1947

Donald B. Valentine


What can one do to convince you to post a photo or two of your DT&I gon and offer a few instructions for your conversion? With the modeled J&M auto frames creating a realistic load for such a converted gondola would be a nice project.

To add to Richard's comments I would note that in the late 1940's and early 1950's DT&I cars of this type were seen regularly in Northern New England coming into Vermont via the Canadian Pacific, which turned them over to the Boston & Maine for delivery to the large Ford Assembly plant then located in Somerville, Mass. I believe this plant was replaced by the one at Mahwah, N.J. but am not certain at what date. Addtionally, I am not certaion whether any of these cars were ever regularly routed over the B&M's line from Wells River, VT-Woodsville, N.H. to Concord, and thence on to Boston, or whether they alwyas went via White River Junction, VT. In any case, they appear in a number of photos taken on the Newport - White River Jct. routing my late acqaintance Phil Hastings sent me over the years before his passing.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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Hi Richard, et al,
A few years ago I built a model of these cars with a Proto 2000 kit cut down to match the number of side ribs. It's finally in service!
Jason Hill

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Those DT&I gons were interesting cars, as they were unusually short
to have drop ends and fishbelly side sills. There were three hundred
of them built in 1941 by Greenville Steel Car Co. When WW II ended
and the auto industry established assembly plants in widely diverse
locations, a growing number of these cars were converted into auto
frame gondolas. By 1953 more than 100 of them were in auto frame
service (where their drop ends were of no use, of course). Many
years ago, I found I could kitbash a pretty good replica of one by
cutting an Athearn mill gon model into several sections, gluing the
sections back together, and fitting drop ends and an auto frame rack.

Richard Hendrickson

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