Re: DT&I 41'6" IL drop end gondola in 1947

Tim O'Connor

Champ HN-57 was white lettering with the old emblem.

Campbell made a set WT-10 that had DT&I and Pere Marquette
(Campbell sets are unusable except for some of the heralds)

Walthers set 17001 had the white DT&I emblem.

Sunshine's old "uni-kits" U4.3/U4.6 modeled the leased PRR X26c's
that wore the old DT&I emblem, but I don't know what decals were
in the kits -- possibly Sunshine did custom decals

Tim O'Connor


On Jul 29, 2009, at 8:08 PM, Richard Brennan wrote:

Which decal set (if any) has an accurate rendition of the intertwined
DT&I Ford-era logo?
Richard, I used a Champ set but it's no longer available. I'm not
sure who else may have DT&I lettering.

Richard Hendrickson

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