Why I subscribe (Was: The question that got STMFC started)

Tom Gloger

I am a part-time modeler on a limited budget, attempting to
model a time I've never seen. The only way I can avoid
buying a car I will later discover is wrong, is to only buy
cars I can prove are right. Ted C. and John N. make this
easier, but not foolproof. I tried looking to see what an
R-30-18 reefer is, but found nothing. I can't see buying
a $40.00 book to confirm or refute the correctness of one
$15.00 kit.

I could ask here, but I don't want to risk being called a
"toy train bozo," even though it may be true.
This is a great group, and I see it meets the needs of the
near-experts. Is there room here for those of us who only
wish to avoid mistakes, without risking express or implied

- Tom Gloger

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