Re: Atlas rebuilt USRA box cars

Donald B. Valentine

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Hmmmmm.... Anyone want to try to match model w/ prototype?
No mention of the roof... but Atlas does say

"Inside height of model may vary from prototype"

6400-1 Undecorated (5-5-5 End, Fishbelly Underframe)
6400-2 Undecorated (5-5-5 End, Straight Underframe)
6400-3 Undecorated (7-8 End, Fishbelly Underframe)
6400-4 Undecorated (7-8 End, Straight Underframe)

I'll leave it to the experts to match the model to the correct prototypes, but what about paint schemes used? Other than the KCS
car, and maybe the A&D, are any of the paint schemes listed and
shown for the first run of any use to those of us modeling the late 1940's. One has to wonder how many AT&SF and Pennsy cars were still
around to receive paint of the style offered. The RS&P car I can't comment on at all but the two VTR cars represent a major portion of
this type of car on the VTR, one of which was still in North
Bennington until the recent past.

I'm really glad to see Atlas offering cars such as the 1932 ARA
and these rebuilt USRA prototypes but will be even happier to see
them in the style of paint they carried immediately after being

All the best, Don Valentine

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