Re: M-K-T Box Cars

Ed Hawkins

On Aug 7, 2009, at 11:53 AM, Mike Brock wrote:

From this data, I might speculate that Katy was painting car sides
yellow in
the early 40's [ Ted Culotta says by 1937 ], roofs and ends red and
by '44
began painting the entire car yellow. That is only speculation based
on a
few photos. It is always possible that different shops painted
according to
their local mgt. I would think that one of the many overhead photos
taken of
the St.Louis yard might give us a good look as well.
I have a broadside photo of 50' auto car M-K-T 62042, built in 1937 by
AC&F. It had recently been repainted yellow with a reweigh date of
2-42. The roof of this car has a light color, possibly yellow or
unpainted. The running board is a darker color. From what is visible of
the ends (basically just the hand brake), the ends appear to be yellow.
The photo is available from Jay Williams, but I have a better rendition
of it that was printed by Arnold Menke who borrowed the negative from
Jay a few months ago.

The earliest photo I have of a M-K-T car in yellow paint is
single-sheathed 40' box car 76814 having a reweigh date of 11-41. This
photo is also available from Jay Williams. The sides & ends were
yellow. The roof cannot be seen except for darker colored seam caps and
running board, which could both be mineral red. This is just a guess on
my part since there's not enough of the roof visible to tell for sure.

A color photo of 40' auto car M-K-T 45047, built 10-45 by the railroad,
is shown with a 9-58 reweigh having yellow sides & ends. The roof and
running board was unpainted galvanized steel with darker colored seam
caps. It's always possible that the roof may have received a coating
when built but had peeled off during the 13 years of service.
Ed Hawkins

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