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Tom Palmer

Yes. You are very correct.
Tom Palmer

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Sounds good to me, Tom. In addition, since no one has mentioned
it, the MKT single sheathed lettering diagram shows that the MKT
initials and car number (reporting marks) are to be stenciled on
the UNDERFRAME of the car "as near to center of car as practicable".

And if you're modeling the car with open doors, the reporting marks
were also stencilled on the interior, to the upper left, beside each
door as you look out from the interior.

Tim O'Connor

In conclusion, none of my documentation supports the use of BCR on any yellow painted cars. The same for black roofs on freight equipment. Dirty, sooty, and grimy? Yes. Especially the express cars since they were almost always on the head end.
Respectfully yours,
Tom Palmer
Stafford, Texas
Modeling the MKT in central Texas in 1952

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