Re: Atlas rebuilt USRA box cars


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Which is not to pick on Atlas. I think more than person noticed
that Proto2000 tended to choose Burlington prototypes out of all
proportion to the size of that railroad. (Isn't Charlie Vik a
CB&Q fan?) :-)

Tim O
I called up Life Like to rag on them when they came out with the BN U28B and put on black handrails. I don't recall the "higher-ups" name, but he said he regretted not knowing very much about the western roads. I said he should call anytime with questions, but I think Walthers took them over soon after.


Edward Sutorik

PS: Considering that either the ACL or SAL U-boat also had a bad error (not to mention the GN one), maybe he reversed coasts when an irate Southerner called.

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