Re: DL&W Wartime composite USRA hoppers

Jerry Dziedzic

Lou, check back issues of ELHS' "The Diamond." Jim Harr covered these cars in a recent Modeler's Workbench. Sorry I can't provide a more specific reference, but my files aren't convenient to me.

Jerry Dziedzic
Pattenburg, NJ

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On page 279 of Karig's "Coal Cars" is a photo of DL&W #81688. This USRA hopper was repaired with four panels of wood and steel diagonals in 1944. The 1953 ORER lists one other car with the same reduced 1840 cubic capacity, #81572. I haven't checked my 1948 ORER for other cars.

Can anyone provide additional information about these cars, i.e. AB brake system, power handbrake mechanism, trucks, etc.?

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville, NJ

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