Re: Atlas rebuilt USRA box cars

Charlie Vlk

I am, but can't be blamed or credited for the Life-Like or Walthers Proto2000.... while I've done a little consulting work for them, none of it has been on anything for the CB&Q.
The main culprit would be Nolan Null.
I am, however, will unashamedly stand behind some projects past, present and future that have my CB&Q fingerprints all over them at Kato, Broadway Limited, DeLuxe Innovations, and a few more former employers and clients!!!
Charlie Vlk

Gene, it may just been a happy coincidence that your information
was useful to Atlas. In the past, many of their model choices have
been entirely idiosyncratically made based on the tastes of the
people there. Paul Graf actually wrote once either on r.m.r. or
another forum that he was simply interested in northeastern U.S.
railroads so the models had to serve that interest. (I think his
statement was in connection with the choice of a "unique to the
Reading" wide-vision cupola International caboose, which has been
decorated in well over 100 foobie paint schemes by now.)

Which is not to pick on Atlas. I think more than person noticed
that Proto2000 tended to choose Burlington prototypes out of all
proportion to the size of that railroad. (Isn't Charlie Vik a
CB&Q fan?) :-)

Tim O


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