Re: Stan Kistler's Santa Fe Book-- Great Northern Iron Ore Cars Visit California


The mining in the Missabe mines is somewhat seasonal because of the weather, the lakes freeze up. Maybe because of the war they are hauling ore to Kaiser mill or they could be lease cars so they are not setting unemployed all winter. The Missabe railroad leased some of it's big steam power during the winters. There are also pictures in Chard Walkers Cajon Pass book of GN Ore cars in Santa Fe trains.

George A Walls

Interesting. I think the early 1950's was when many of the Missabe
mines were starting to play out, since taconite had not yet come into
production. So there may have been an excess of ore cars up there.
And SP didn't get their 100 ton ore gondolas until 1958, IIRC. I'd
love to see a shot of GN ore cars on Beaumont Hill behind a 4-10-2!

Tim O'Connor

At 8/10/2009 02:00 PM Monday, you wrote:
I received my copy of the wonderfully well done Stan Kistler's Santa Fe in Black and White and there on pages 100-101 is a picture of 3 Fairbanks-Morse 1600 HP road switchers in San Bernardino, CA leaving for the Kaiser Steel mill with about 27 Great Northern iron ore cars on Dec 16, 1951. I assume the Korean War needs had something to do with this assignment!

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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