Erie 65000 series fifty-foot auto box car

Eric Hansmann


I am working on a Proto2000 fifty-foot auto box car kit lettered for the ERIE as 65093. I note
a few images at the Fallen Flags site and had a question or two. It seems this model will be a
stand-in as the prototype doors were wider than the ones on the model, and the steel panels
were also wider than on the model. Here's a broad-side of the prototype:

I'm now working on extending the sidesill to the left of the doors to reflect the prototype.
I'm unsure if the running board. Would it be an Apex metal grid? The shadow can be seen in this
end view:

I am also unsure of the handbrake applied to these cars. A Universal handbrake wheel is
supplied with the kit. Is that correct? If not, what is proper?


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Starting over in a new house:

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