Re: Erie 65000 series fifty-foot auto box car

Ed Hawkins

On Aug 11, 2009, at 9:25 AM, Eric Hansmann wrote:

I'm now working on extending the sidesill to the left of the doors to
reflect the prototype.
I'm unsure if the running board. Would it be an Apex metal grid? The
shadow can be seen in this
end view:

I am also unsure of the handbrake applied to these cars. A Universal
handbrake wheel is
supplied with the kit. Is that correct? If not, what is proper?
The original Erie 65000-65099 series, built by AC&F 4-5/41 with end
doors, had Ajax hand brakes & Apex running boards & brake steps. In
case this might apply to you, sometime after Jan. 1952 the cars were
renumbered with 64 assigned to 66500-66581 (DF Loaders) and 34 assigned
to 62200-62233 (front axle loading). The renumbering occurred sometime
after 1/52 and was still in process in April 1955. Depending on your
modeling period, the renumbering may come into play, and if so ORER
data between these dates could be useful.

According to the AC&F bill of materials, when built the sides & ends
were painted DuPont Tuffcoat Brown. Underframes, trucks, brake parts,
and "B" end ladders were black. (I know, the latter seems strange.)
White stencils. The builder's photo of 65039 clearly shows the running
board, brake step, and roof wasn't painted.

Another series of Erie 50' auto cars, 66000-66099, built 12-41 having
Dreadnaught Ends were painted the same way except that the ends were
black. New Erie box cars built during the 1930s through 1950s normally
had their ends coated with black car cement. The 65000-series may have
been an exception because of the end doors, but that's just speculation
on my part.
Ed Hawkins

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