New Lackawanna box car models available

Schuyler Larrabee

The Erie Lackawanna Historical Society has worked closely with Intermountain to produce a unique
model, exclusive with the ELHS. It is a combination of sides, ends and roof which has not been
previously produced, and exactly matches the prototype.

These are steam era freight cars, built in January and February 1950. The repack date is 8/55, but
that is easily weathered and replaced. The cars are assembled models. The ELHS worked very hard to
get the lettering on these models as correct as we can, working especially the distinctive "Phoebe
Snow" lettering.

If you go to these cars are on the website's front page, and you can order on
line. I have a pair, and can attest that they are very well done. Note that we will be producing
another series based on this same molding, which will be available later this year, and will have a
different lettering arrangement.

I should mention that I am not entirely disinterested in these models, as I am a member of the ELHS
Board. These cars will serve to support out publishing efforts.

I appreciate Mike Brock's permission for this mildly commercial post. Thanks Mike.

La vita e breve, mangiate prima il dolce!

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