Re: New Lackawanna box car models available

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Don Valentine writes:

As nice as it will be for many to have these cars available I suspect the 1950 built date will be a bit of a stretch for most of
us who are seriously "steam era". With the exception of the Central Vermont most of the larger steam power on other New England roads was gone by that point.
Well...not being that familiar with New England RR's I certainly won't argue against that. However. If the STMFC has done nothing more to expand the general information about frt cars...and, in this cars...surely it has shown with no doubt at all that box cars traveled all around the US. Thus, we have films showing NYC and PA box cars on short lines in the Cascades, FEC box cars on Sherman Hill, ATSF box cars on Long Island...etc., etc., and wheel reports stating the same thing. So...why would 1950 be a stretch for a steam era RR? Certainly REAL HE RR's like UP, SP, ATSF, Pennsy, NP, GN, L&N, MP, C&O and N&W found steam powered locomotion to be quite acceptable in 1950.

Mike Brock

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