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Schuyler Larrabee

Thanks to all who have advised me on this. It appears that I need to buy a bottle of Solvaset,
which I have only used a few times with a notable lack of success on other decals. I have used
Champ Decal-Set almost exclusively for years and find it does everything I need . . . except work
with Accucals. 8^/ I always use Accu-set on Accucals.

Hmmm. Champ ceasing business. Will Decal-Set be discontinued, becoming the Kodachrome of our


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Thanks, Greg and John. But have you used Solvaset on Accucals?

Before switching to Microsol and Microset some time ago I used Solvaset on Accucals quite
frequently. If memory
serves, toward the
end of that use I ran into a bottle that seemed stronger than those used previously and promptly
cut it. I have, however,
spoken with George Bishop in recent months and will try to raise the question
directly with him and advise further.

Best wishes, Don Valentine

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