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These are steam era freight cars, built in January and February 1950. The repack date is 8/55, but
that is easily weathered and replaced. The cars are assembled models.

Steam era, yes, on the N&W, NKP and UP during the harvests. Nice cars, yes.

Remember, though, that this initial offering is in a lettering scheme that began mid-1955. The offering coming in a couple of months will be in the 1942 Phoebe Snow billboard factory applied to a 1950-built car.

I'm not aware of a decorated Phoebe boxcar before the ELHS offering that's yet been done in the correct combination of lettering, artwork, era and details. Some have had modern typefaces, wrong number series for the door style, or a mixture of 1942 and 1955 elements on the same car, shop lettering on a factory painted car and vice-versa, wrong colors, and so on. And we won't get into the blue-box Athearn boxcar from many years ago.

The current ELHS offering represents a couple of rare cars of which photos exist, showing factory lettering on a repainted car, which is very interesting.

Full disclosure: I am an ELHS member and was part of the imagineering team. I have two of the current cars, but plan to load up the next version. And I hope ELHS will produce the more numerous 1937 car with the 4/5 dreadnaught end with the correct lettering and door styles.

Mike Del Vecchio

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