Re: Thermice

Tim O'Connor

CO2 can be recovered from combustion or chemical processes. It
has many uses. The model you mention belongs on the scrap heap! :-)
There are no HO scale models of CO2 tank cars (the kind with
cylindrical tanks). In the 1950's most CO2 was shipped in
solid form (dry ice) in heavily insulated reefers. There are
models for those.

Tim O'

At 8/12/2009 10:19 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
At the North Shore Model Railroad Club, we have a Thermice tank car, which, we think, carried carbon
dioxide. We'd like to make some realistic waybills for it.

One of the other guys has found a location of the company in Thorofare, NJ, near Paulsboro. That
looks like a dry ice plant, not a place that would originate CO2.

Can anyone provide information on where those cars might have carried CO2 from and to ?


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