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After shutting down the computer I thought that comment would create questions asking for a lot of specifics.? And thus my middle-age is showing, as?I can't recall everything since?I didn't buy any because of something I saw at first glance in the hobby shop that wasn't correct and easily fixable.? I did buy loads of undecs, though.

The 50-foot car from Branchline has an incorrect?typeface on the reporting mark and?the large lettering over it is a modern one, or at least not the exact one used in 1956 (common problem). And I kinda recall that the billboard on the model was the 1942 version, but I'd have to see one today.? The color wasn't right on, but that can be fixed in the weathering.? Here's a link to a photo of the model:? While this car is too new for my era, I'd have bought a couple to support it.

From memory, most billboard cars?had typeface and billboard placement issues. And check the numers to make sure the Superior and Youngstown doors are correct.? I'll post those number series from home.

Some of these models are blurring together.? I remember one with black ends on a car that didn't have them (only portions of the 54000-series and higher had black ends).? The IMWX 1937 cars had poling pockets, and Jerry Porter offered them in the correct pre-Phoebe lettering. Any subsequently in billboards through 1955-ish were repainted by?DL&W?and had that version, though what's been offered on models has?factory lettering. Repaints post-1956-'57-ish were done?outside of DL&W's own shops and had significant varations, including no billboard at all.?

Nipping the poling pockets and finishing the corners is an easy thing that would not keep me from buying a well-lettered model.

One of the complications is that there were two billboards, one in 1942 and 1955, with slight differences in artwork and placement, and the stencils at the home shop were slightly different than those at the factory.? The result is that?it's too easy to mix up the artwork (most kit makers lift any billboard to put on any car, then change the numbers, including?resin kit-makers. And?lots of?kit-offered decals?don't have?consistent?verticals and curves.).?

Prime Mover Decals did the artwork for the ELHS cars, and I'm sure they'll be adding accurate decals to its line.

Mike Del Vecchio

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Mike Del Vecchio wrote

I'm not aware of a decorated Phoebe boxcar before the ELHS offering
that's yet been done in the correct combination of lettering, artwork,
era and details.
Are there problems with Branchline kit #1912 (50ft car)?
And Red Caboose #8010 (1944 paint) and #8069 (1955 paint)?

Tim O'Connor

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