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As luck would have it, here's an ebay listing for the Branchline car, a classic 1937 10' IH car modeled after that Whitaker collection photo of the 51300 that shows up often. The model has black ends and roof, which the prototype did not. The word LACKAWANNA above the billboard should be of a heavier line weight?and the reporting mark type looks like it was lifted from the photo and its line wieght got thin in the horizontal areas.? Here's the link:?

It's a shame as this was one of Lackawanna's most numerous boxcar models and every steam-era modeler can justify some.? Granted, it's a Yardmaster series car, but it would have been less expensive to make it correct. And what modeler wouldn't buy a common car that's correct?? This model didn't separate this fool and his money.

I did buy a bunch of the IMWX undec kits, and?nipped off?the poling pockets.? When our railroad club was restoring and painting DL&W caboose 896, which wore the very same Glidden No. 204 Standard Brown, I brought a few of the IMWX cars trackside and shot them in Dupont's Centari 5000 of that color. Yes, the paint is a little thick, but they are novel.? And with CDS decals,?home-made styrene running boards, wire?stirrups and other details?they look great. I numbered one 51896 with the correct doors in honor of the caboose.

Artwork from photos isn't always the best. I don't know how many reading this have dabbled in the various artwork software packages, but a scan from a photo for the purpose of conversion to decal artwork?always has jagged edges and the artist has to fill in the jags and pixels with a hard edge, the graphic equivalent of drawing a hard edge with an ink pen.? Typographers understand how type is drawn, and they can use the portions of some characters to scale others to maintain a consistent look and proper curves. It's a time consuming process.

Mike Del Vecchio

(Feeling a little sad for the loss of Les Paul, who I got to know over the past eight years or so.? I enjoyed hearing his stories of the old days when he walked with kings.? He was a railroad buff, experimented with strings and magnetic pickups mounted on a piece of rail in Waukesha before building that first guitar. My favorite of his old stories was about operating the Lionel trains on Groucho Marx's large?basement layout. Les derailed one, and Groucho wouldn't let him put it back on the track, Groucho insisted on bringing out the big hook and rerailing with that.)

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Thanks for the explanations Mike.

The 50-foot car from Branchline has an incorrect typeface on the
reporting mark and the large lettering over it is a modern one, or
at least not the exact one used in 1956 (common problem).
I'm looking at a 40ft box car photo, and the reporting marks look
exactly right -- except for the Ampersand on the model, which is
clearly a different (wrong) style. As for the large lettering, it
looks the same on the two cars (40ft and 50ft) but since I don't
have a photo of a 50ft car I don't know if it's right.

I'm surprised that Branchline got it wrong since they usually did
artwork straight from photos.

I wish the ELHS cars were kits. I like to pre-weather parts before

Tim O'Connor

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