Re: New Lackawanna box car models available

Eric Hansmann

Mike Del Vecchio wrote:

As luck would have it, here's an ebay listing for the Branchline car, a classic 1937 10' IH car
modeled after that Whitaker collection photo of the 51300 that shows up often. The model has
black ends and roof, which the prototype did not. The word LACKAWANNA above the billboard
should be of a heavier line weight?and the reporting mark type looks like it was lifted from
the photo and its line wieght got thin in the horizontal areas.? Here's the link:?

It's a shame as this was one of Lackawanna's most numerous boxcar models and every steam-era
modeler can justify some.? Granted, it's a Yardmaster series car, but it would have been less
expensive to make it correct. And what modeler wouldn't buy a common car that's correct?? This
model didn't separate this fool and his money.


Well, this fool bought a few Yardmaster kits at about $8 each and thought they were a pretty
good deal. The word on this list was that Branchline was striving for prototype paint and
lettering on their models - Blueprint and Yardmaster models. My DL&W effort can be seen at the
bottom of this page:

I note there were five different lots of these cars built for the DL&W. There must have been at
least one car from one of these lots that were painted with black ends and roof and
photographed for posterity. Seems that a compamy like Branchline, that corrected a mold for a
wrong length box car, would be double-certain of their data early in production. Documentation
for the five DL&W lots of these cars can be found on this PDF:

An additional four Branchline Yardmaster upgrades can be seen here:


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