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Armand Premo

I would like to question the statement about the ladder being on only the B end.Is that allowed?Isn't this a violation of ARA /ICC safety regs?Armand Premo

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Thank you for the Apex running board and Ajax hand brake detail. A black ladder on the B end only. Hmm. That is interesting.

I intend to finish this model in a pre-1950 service condition. Possibly with a 1948 reweigh date.


Eric Hansmann
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> The original Erie 65000-65099 series, built by AC&F 4-5/41 with end
> doors, had Ajax hand brakes & Apex running boards & brake steps. In
> case this might apply to you, sometime after Jan. 1952 the cars were
> renumbered with 64 assigned to 66500-66581 (DF Loaders) and 34 assigned
> to 62200-62233 (front axle loading). The renumbering occurred sometime
> after 1/52 and was still in process in April 1955. Depending on your
> modeling period, the renumbering may come into play, and if so ORER
> data between these dates could be useful.
> According to the AC&F bill of materials, when built the sides & ends
> were painted DuPont Tuffcoat Brown. Underframes, trucks, brake parts,
> and "B" end ladders were black. (I know, the latter seems strange.)
> White stencils. The builder's photo of 65039 clearly shows the running
> board, brake step, and roof wasn't painted.
> Another series of Erie 50' auto cars, 66000-66099, built 12-41 having
> Dreadnaught Ends were painted the same way except that the ends were
> black. New Erie box cars built during the 1930s through 1950s normally
> had their ends coated with black car cement. The 65000-series may have
> been an exception because of the end doors, but that's just speculation
> on my part.
> Regards,
> Ed Hawkins


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