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Here's my solution in you're working in HO--

Have you a bench or a small table-top vice? If so, I'd unscrew the steel knurled face pieces on the jaws and screw in a new special facxes for pulling the wheels. These are a short piece of mild steel stock screwed into each vice jaw, say 3/16" to 1/4" thick, about 1/2" high above the top of the vice jaws and the length of the face pieces that you've removed, slotted vertically about 1/4"--1/2" to receive the axle. Both slots must be the same height above the top of the vice. A few minutes' work with a hacksaw and drill (if you have a drill press/pillar drill this work will be easier), and perhaps a trip to the hardware store to buy the steel strip that you'll need.

Close the vice and place the steel pieces in between the wheels, dropping the axle in the slots. The steel tabs will rest against the backs of the wheels. You may have to drill recesses at the bottom of the slots on the steel stock if the insulation protrudes from the wheel towards the centre of the wheelset, so as not to damage the insulation.

Crank the vice outward very slowly and carefully until you are at the desired gauging. Good luck.

Steve Lucas.

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I have been completing maintenance on a number of freight cars including ensuring the gauge on wheelsets is correct and have come across some stubborn wheelsets that are under-gauge. I have tried the usual method of twisting the wheels on the axle but these particular sets are refusing to budge. Given the sharp point I dont see any obvious way of using the NWSL Puller without damaiging the axle tip.

How are others getting around this issue?


Justin Walker

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