Re: 1937 AAR boxcar rivet seams (was underframe question)

Tim O'Connor


Yes, a builder photo of SP 33420, a B-50-18 built by ACF,
has lap seams. But one of the LIFE collection photos that is
a close up of the right side of a B-50-18 definitely shows
crimped seams. Unfortunately the car number can't be seen.
I do have shots of SP 116038 and it also has crimped seams.
Tony perhaps you know which car was renumbered as 116038?

These are the earliest SP 1937 cars so at least it shows that
both seam styles were produced concurrently in 1936-1937.

Tim O'Connor

Anyone want to take a whack at the 1937 AAR box car list on Ted's
old site and figure out which cars had which type of side
sheathing? :-)
Looking at SP's 1937 AAR cars, most had the overlap seams, but
the differences appear to be by builder, not by car class, suggesting
that at least in SP's case, the seam type was NOT something chosen by
the buyer.

Tony Thompson

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