Re: NYC/ P-S 2000 cu ft covered hoppers

Ed Hawkins

On Aug 18, 2009, at 12:01 PM, Anthony Thompson wrote:

I don't dispute this fact, but it makes it interesting to note
that P-S was building 2893-cu. ft. PS-2s with three bays the previous
month, for both Wabash (lot 8158) and Southern (lot 8164).
In addition to the two you mention, there were four other 2893 early
orders that preceded delivery of any production 2003 PS-2s.

T&NO (lot 8141) T&NO 3774 shows a build date of 1-54. Some may have
been in late 1953.
CIL (lot 8153) 12-53
CB&Q (lot 8163) 2-54
NSRX (lot 8181) 1-54
Ed Hawkins

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