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With all due respect,the process of swaging means different things to different trades.
Repairs to overhead electrical and telephone wire are done with swaging tools and soft metal sleeves. Similar tools and processes are used to build rigging slings and lifting wires. Faster stronger and safer than using wire rope clips.
In the end, the dictionary definition holds true in all suggested cases;
a tool, die, or stamp for giving a particular shape to metal on an anvil, in a stamping press, etc.
And now back to appling swages to a new set of lifting lines for the theatre.

Sweating it out in Southern Ontario,
Pierre Oliver

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Bruce Smith wrote:
I'm With Barry. These should be called "swaged" car sides.
"Swaging is a technique in which cold metal is formed over a grooved
tool or swage . . .
This may well be the meaning in automobiles, but to most
metalworkers "swaging" refers to making metal rods smaller in diameter
(and thus longer) in a machine with rotating hammers. No material is
removed as the metal is cold worked. I think this is a more general
definition of "swaging." I'd agree that it's a perfectly good term to
use for the side panel seams we're discussing, though it refers to the
fabrication process, not to the final appearance. I suspect it was the
latter which led to the term "crimped."

Anthony Thompson
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

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