Re: IHB 1937 box car details

Tim O'Connor

That's what I like about you Tony. When logic fails, resort to sarcasm.

Whether you like the terminology or not, you'll find what you seek. But
if you prefer, search for "swage", and good luck to you.

Dennis makes a perfectly logical argument, but his examples of "running
board" and "joint bar" are cases where the prototype term was not being
used, and instead modelers were using their own terms. As a result, there
was a disconnect between modeling and prototype sources of information.
Most of us now use the prototype terms for those items precisely because
those terms are found in many references.

If someone can find a published prototype name for this type of seam,
I'll use it. In the meantime, crimped works for me. I know that some
folks hate to say "PS-0" and "Dartnot" as well (more Nehrich-isms), but
since those words convey an exact meaning. I use them too. Sure we could
say "1930's PS welded box car" and "Carbuilder End" (That one really
resonates with meaning, eh?) but almost no one would understand exactly
what was meant (except for the members of this mailing list).

Tim O'Connor

I'm stickin' with crimped. The problem with changing terminology is
that you may not be able to find what you're looking for if you go
off looking for "swaged laps" (God knows what Google will find for
you) but if you search for "box car crimped seam" guess what? You'll
get appropriate references on the RPI web site.
Ah, the GREAT source of official railroad lingo, not to
mention authoritative freight car history.

Tony Thompson

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