Re: New Lackawanna box car models available, 46000- and 48000-series


Nope. The 46000-46699-series were in four groups of 40-foot double-sheathed cars built by Magor and ACF in 1927, one batch with radial roofs. Sunshine offered this car quite a few years ago, kit 37.9. These lasted in numbers well into the '50s, many getting the Phoebe Snow billboard. They show up in photos in just about any book published with DL&W pictures. RPI offered the 45000-series, similar but older with flat Murphy roofs and ends. These, too, lasted almost as long as the 46000-series, and many got Phoebe billboards, a scheme that began in April 1942.

The 48000-series were steel rebuilds of wood-sided autocars, mostly. One of these, the last in the series, 48899, was rebuilt from a USRA double-sheathed boxcar and had it an X-31-like look to it. The car retained its 5-5-5 Murphy ends and 9'4" inside height, and it was built with "side and roof sheets in one piece," according to the general arrangement drawings for it, and "Diamondette steel plate running board" and matching "step board." Very interesting car. One photo did surface showing it, in the distance in a passing train, so I included it in the Erie / DL&W Color Guide, page 100. I will model it one day. DL&W's Keyser Valley Shops did the rebuilding.

DL&W didn't own a single-sheathed boxcar, even during the 19th Century (unless you count indestructible ends as a technicality).

....Mike Del Vecchio

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All this discussion of DL&W box cars has made me curious about the DL&W's 46000 and 48000 series box cars which seem to have been single-sheathed box cars. Can anyone refer me to a source of information on these cars?

Gene Green

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