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Maine's laws in 1932 placed no limitation on trailer length but restricted the width to 8 ft. and the height to 12 ft. 6 in.

By 1939 the Maine maximum width, height and length were 8', 12'-6" and 40'-0" respectively.

By 1979 the Maine maximum width, height and length were 102", 13'-6" and 56'-6" respectively.

Compared with other states Maine seems to have been on the liberal side as regards semi-trailer length. In 1939 6 states including Maine had a max length of 40'-0". Two states allowed 45'-0" and only Vermont allowed 50'-0". Rhode Island, Maryland and Nevada had no restriction on semi-trailer length. Twenty-one states allowed 35'-0"; 12 33'-0"; 2 30'-0"; 1 27'-0" and 1 26'-6".

In 1979 only five states allowed widths greater than 96" and only Wyoming and Vermont allowed trailers longer than Maine's 56'-6".

I originally set out to gather this sort of information for every state for every year but the "therefores" and "whereases" began to overwhelm my database design so I gave up.

Gene Green

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