Re: Caboose Lighting

Jim Betz

Sorry - this reply was to a post you made quite some time ago.
It turns out that if you use/reuse the same title line then when
you click on the thread online it includes all of the old stuff
as well. And, dummy that I am, I didn't notice that I was
replying to a post you made a -long- time ago.
Your description of what you did/are doing for the brass
caboose is appreciated and helps.

I'm still concerned about problems that might be introduced
if I put wheel wipers on a truck that has a moving side frame.
Has anyone done this and can report on whether or not it caused
problems? One guy I talked to suggested putting a wiper wire on
both sides (even though one side is already working) - simply
to equalize the forces of the wiper wire.
- Jim

--- In, "oldrockygn" <jimbetz@...> wrote:

This project is to do about 50 (!) cabeese, most of them brass
and none of them using Kadee trucks. So changing out the trucks
and or wheels is not really an option because they are
'prototypically correct'.
I like your solution of the brass washer on the bolster of a
styrene caboose - simple and effective (with the flicker free
- Jim

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