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Elden -

I actually moved more flat rock this morning for out patio project, so take the following with a grain of salt!

The H21b and H21e each have the 12" ARA centersill. However, I think only the H21e has the pair of 4" angles under the slope sheets on each end of the car, between the end and the body bolster. These angles can sometimes be seen in photos, and they were only on a few H21a's, I recall. Interior shots of a few H21a's show the location of the two lines of rivets on these angles. The angles were centered on the vertical end braces on either side of the striker plate.

The interior of the H21e's has curving side braces without crossbraces, while the earlier cars have trapezoidal side braces between the upper and lower crossbraces.

I have no earthly idea what an H21g is, since it is out of my "time period.)

A.T. Kott

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In my digging, I have been unable to find documentation on the actual
differenes between H21G and H21E, probably due to late date of rebuilding.
The obvious differences are not easily trackable, as some seemed to have hat
section side stakes, and others pressed shapes like the earlier H21E and late
H21A. They show a similarly frustrating mix of riveted and welded, also.

We do know that the H21E had a revised center sill, however, and a
flat-topped interior center sill cover. This flat-topped "A"-framed sill
cover got really beat up, and other than the deletion of cross-stake
reinforcement plates on the outside, and revision of rivet patterns like the
late H21A, there are not many other obvious differences.

Most folks would not know to look for them, so this may all be

Elden Gatwood

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