Re: Santa Fe Ft-V flat car

Bruce Smith

On Fri, August 21, 2009 11:34 pm, Kurt Laughlin wrote:
Would it be possible to:

1. Put Scotch tape over the bolster/draft gear plates and adjacent wood
2. Trim tape to only cover "metal" areas and burnish down in corners
3. Invert car onto sandpaper taped to sheet of plate glass
4. Sand until wood is flush with Scotch tape, or the tape is starting to
5. Rescribe deck lines and screw holes as needed
6. Remove tape?


You might want to remove the brake wheel too <G>. Seriously, why go to this much
trouble when you should be able to pop the decks off and sand them from the back
side and glue them back on? If the glue is tough, put the car in the freezer for a
few hours and then try again. MUCH simpler!

I'm definitely looking forward to loading a couple of Shermans on these <G>.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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