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The drawings in MR a few years back showed two AB-1-B complete sets, one for each truck. They would have been equipped with gradauted release (not usually fitted to AB brakes) to run in passenger trains.

I'd be interested to know if the roads purchasing these cars stripped one AB-1-B set off, kept both, or fitted true passenger brake systems like a UC or D-22. Perhaps at the same time as they changed out the Allied Full Cushion trucks? Likely all three, depending on the road's mechanical preferences, and calling for modellers of these cars to pay close attention to the brake arrangement on the specific cars that they are modelling.

Steve Lucas.

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I'm in the middle of doing a C&O Box Express Car article for C&O History next year with Phil Shuster.  We've stretched included series to the BX cars to include their BE ex-troop sleepers. 

Do we know of a source for Hi-Res Photos these cars as built by Pullman? 

I'd also like to know what type of brakes these cars had.  I know there was a bulletin out  to Newport News Hampton road Port of Debarkation folks saying be careful to double check which type of brakes were on the ACF, Pullman, and some railroad built cars in 1944.

Al Kresse

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I have something you can use--provided by Mike Auferheide (sp?) and Chad Boas. I'll shoot you the drawings off line.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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I want to detail the underbody on my CB&Q, C&O, and NYC express box troop sleeper conversions. Walthers has the beginnings of a dual system complete with 2 resevoirs, triple valves and brake cylinders. Can someone direct me to the rigging diagrams? Come to think of it these conversions may have been done by each carrier. Oh well, any help would be appreciated.

Bill McCoy
Jax, FL

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