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If we're going to be nitpickers and go to the trouble of reducing the thickness of the wood floor, you need not preserve the detail stamped on the top either. That's because the bolt pattern on the top does not correspond entirely with the underframe of the car. I would hope in the future the IM will go to the cost and trouble of using a lasercut wood floor that is correct for the specific prototype. In the mean time I intend to leave well enough alone.

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On Aug 20, 2009, at 5:43 PM, Mike Brock wrote:

....Richard says the the laser cut wood
floor is too thick. How much too thick? Can it be lowered by sanding?
Not a whole lot, and I think it can be pared down - but the question
is whether the floor can be pursuaded to part company with the body,
as the material should be removed from the bottom in order to
preserve the detail stamped into the top. I intend to find out, and
will post my findings to the list. Note that this problem affects
all of the IM 70 ton AAR flats - the floor is too thick on my Erie
model, as well, and Ed Hawkins warned me about this before I bought
the models. However, it will be next week before I have anything to
report, as I am flying the Citabria up to Salem, OR first thing
tomorrow morning to attend Greg Martin's Northwest Prototype Modelers
meet and won't be back until late Sunday.

Richard Hendrickson

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