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The B&O lettering matches the builders photos of 8400. The "B&O" and car number may be just a tiny bit small but nobody will notice unless they are holding the car next to the photo.

The wooden deck parts look like they were applied with double faced tape and were easily removed with a razor blade. A little work with a file on the bottom and the decks are now level with the bolster. Easy enough that even I could do it, and that's saying something.

John King

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Jim Mischke was involved with this kit making sure the B&O stuff was accurate, so I think it will be pretty good for B&O. It is my understanding that B&O style bulkheads will be applied to a future kit. I added B&O to the subject in hopes of getting Jim to weigh in. He can fill in the details, but if we don't hear from him I will pull out an old B&O Modeler with info about the ProtoWest kit.

I am building the Protowest kit with auto/truck frames for a 1953(?) subclass that transported frames between Philly on the Reading and Baltimore. Not too useful for many modelers, but fun to build the appliances applied to the car to hold the frames.

Bruce D. Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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Re-lettered or renumbered  . . . or both?

While we're on the subject of the IRC flats two questions -

1. Am I the only one who thinks the New Haven lettering looks a little "heavy"?

2. How accurate are the B&O cars? I thought the B&O 70-ton flats were built after the war (1948 sticks in my head) - I'm just curious if they were the same design as the cars built during the war years.

Thanks in advance.


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I got the following message from a good Santa Fe modeler:

Hi Andy,
The box arrived to day with no problems. Thanks. But
as usual Intermountain has screwed it up again. The Ft-V
flat is a 50 ton War Emergency car. So the cars will have to
be relettered. See why I prefer to buy kits.
It seems that IM must have placed the wrong paint scheme on their Santa Fe 70 flat cars which were just recently released.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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