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Thanks to you and everyone that suggested ways to do this.

I made a tool that uses a pair of razor blades (steel backing removed first) with a .020" styrene spacer between them. A 2" long piece of 1" wide by .032" thick brass strip, with three holes drilled in it to hold 4-40 screws, serves as the handle.

The blades and shim are assembled, the screws pushed through them and into the holes drilled in the handle. A 1/4" nut driver is used to tighten the nuts, and we have our tool.

I draw the tips of the blade at about a 30-degree angle along a steel straightedge across a sheet of .005" styrene, and can produce approximate .050" wide strips.

I tried making a similar tool without the spacer for .030" wide strips, but found that the blades flex too much for consistent width strips. Maybe a backing piece on the exposed side of the blades would help prevent blade flexing. But Evergreen makes .010" x .030" strips--I'll can live with the overthickness of these strips as the outside member of the Z's.

I had experimented with using a Fiskars "Eurpoean rotary paper trimmer"

for these strips, but found that paper strips of this width were hard to cut consistently with this tool, so did not progress to cutting styrene with it.

BTW, they make a nice diagonal cutter that isn't too expensive, and that I use as a parts trimmer and small diameter wire cutter--

Steve Lucas.

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I can almost guarentee you a paper cutter will put a "twist" on the strips and it would probably be difficult to maintain consistant pieces. I would second on Andy's suggestion about the NWSL duplicutter.

Jerry Glow

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Don't know if you can cut as small as you would like but you might try
a paper cutter.
Chuck Hladik

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I want to make some scale 3 1/8" high x 5" wide "Z" stock for an HO cinder
car that I am working on. But to build this up I cannot find commercial
stock that is thin enough and sometimes of the proper width to represent the
steel stock that these were formed from.

I plan to use scale 2x2 for the centre of the Z, and want to use .005" x
.050" for the bottom. The top of the Z is .005" x .030" wide stock.

Both of the .005 thick strips need to be cut from styrene sheet. But I
have trouble replicating the .030" and .050" widths uniformly. I have used a
digital vernier to scribe a reference line on the sheet, but it's hard to
have a hand-held scalpel follow this line consistently along a steel scale
rule. My efforts so far have produced strips of varying widths.

Any thoughts on how to make these strips?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Lucas.

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