Re: GPEX 977 and 969 Milk reefers in freight service for Ever Sweet OJ

Dennis Storzek

--- In, "riverman_vt" <riverman_vt@...> wrote:
The 8,000 gal cars were 52 ft. in length while the 6,000 gal. cars were only 40 ft. The quickest way to tell is to look at the side panels. On the 6,000 gal. cars there are three matching body panels centered in the total of seven on either side of the doors. On the 8,000 gal. cars that number increases to four matching panels out of the total of eight. If you are satisfied with the InterMountain car's
well documented shortcomings I suppose you could always get two and sacrifice one to get the needed panels or, more economically, get three and sacrifice one to get two of the needed 52 ft. length.
Didn't I just post a link to one of these cars in a museum recently? I suspect that GPEX 1021 is an 8000 gal. car, the photos show "leased to Fleischmann" stenciling, but I don't know the date or location of that service.


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