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If I don't have the car, I
can't answer the question easily.? That does not mean I cannot get the
information or don't have it from previously stocking the car.

As to why the information is not readily available from most
manufacturers, in my opinion it is the fear of lost sales and that those who blindly
buy cars etc will become educated to the correct P/L and car details
for the era they model..? As Bruce stated his LHS will order but won't
take back a car that is out of era for him.? The sale is the sale and
final.? I prefer to not alienate a customer by such action which may be
why I am a very small dealer and have found that providing such
information more often than not results in a sale that I otherwise
would not have made.? If the dates matter, the sale is not going to be
made if there is doubt about the era of the car.? Even with that
mistakes do occur regarding exactly when a paint scheme changed etc.

This seems to be wandering away from the purpose of this list so I will stop here rather than risk jail.


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How do you answer the question if you don't have the car in stock? The nearest
decent hobby shop doesn't carry very much Branchline stock so am I to be
restricted to choosing only among the items he stocks?

100 miles?!?! That's local. Try 275 miles to the dealer mentioned in the above

Bruce, I agree with you. If Al can do it, they all can. There's no point in
keeping that information secret. I suppose for many, perhaps most, modelers the
information is important. Maybe they don't even know what it means but for a
few of us, it matters.

Gene Green

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I answer these questions from customers all the time.? So you
should be able to ask your dealer before buying.

Rich Orr
Dealer? What dealer? I live more than 100 miles from the nearest
hobby shop that knows anything about or carries Branchline. Yes, my
local USA Hobbies will order them for me (at full price plus the 8%
local sales tax) but he doesn't give refunds based on paint schemes
or reweigh dates not being appropriate for my era. As I have noted
before, if Al Westerfield can provide an accurate timeline for each
car in an on-line web format, I'm baffled as to why others find it
apparently so difficult.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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