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I made a tool that uses a pair of razor blades (steel backing removed first) with a .020" styrene spacer between them. A 2" long piece of 1" wide by .032" thick brass strip, with three holes drilled in it to hold 4-40 screws, serves as the handle.

The blades and shim are assembled, the screws pushed through them and into the holes drilled in the handle. A 1/4" nut driver is used to tighten the nuts, and we have our tool.

I draw the tips of the blade at about a 30-degree angle along a steel straightedge across a sheet of .005" styrene, and can produce approximate .050" wide strips.

I tried making a similar tool without the spacer for .030" wide strips, but found that the blades flex too much for consistent width strips. Maybe a backing piece on the exposed side of the blades would help prevent blade flexing. But Evergreen makes .010" x .030" strips--I'll can live with the overthickness of these strips as the outside member of the Z's.

Steve, why don't you try using 2 - #11 X-Acto blades with a spacer as a scriber or even better use 2 - #11 surgical blades (much sharper).

These blades are pretty rigid.


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