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Charlie Vlk wrote:

Where does the notion that manufacturers should provide research on their products end? Should it be required to provide a useage history of each car so that a person doesn't purchase a car that did not ever show up on the rails of the road that they model?
Back in the early days of Branchline's passenger car project, when I was beginning to realize just how detailed Pullman's records were, I suggested, tongue in cheek, that Branchline offer limited edition "RPA Line" kits, maybe 100 of each car name. I would provide information in each kit showing the shopping dates over the entire life of the car, so that those modelers who obsess over such things could move those cars off the layout if they would have been in the shops at the time of an operating session.

Just a random idea that sounded good after a few beers. But I bet they would have sold like hotcakes.....

Tom Madden

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