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I actually had some samples of Evergreen sheet cut on a waterjet, and all I

can say is, it ain't pretty. Waterjets are used to cut hard materials.

Styrene isn't that hard, and just kind of shreds.

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Harder materials can be cut (*), but they are not the exclusive application

for WJC. Diapers, fabric blanks for clothing, foam, and carpet (Did you

ever see an intricate logo or emblem in the lobby of a hotel or business?)

are among the many "soft" things it is used for.

(IIRC, really hard things like ceramics can't be cut because of surface

fracturing or something.)


I would respectfully disagree on both counts. As the proprietor of Industrial Heritage Scale Models back in the '90s. I used water jet cut styrene for my line of structure kits. At the time, it was considered not possible to cut styrene with a laser, which I was able to have done successfully  several years later.The bents for the coal tipple were .100" and water jet cut, but there was a substantial "grooving" across the pieces that was a little too rough to represent rough sawn woodAs an architect, I also saw ceramic materials cut for intricate logos using a waterjet.CJ Riley
Bainbridge Island WA

I would respectfully disagree on both points. As the proprietor of Indi

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